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Magdalena Konior

      Life is so arranged that as something we carry in our heart and soul, sooner or later it reasserts its place in our world. I went back to creation. I began to explore ceramic.


Clay reminds me  childhood. How pleasant it was to play in the mud, build castles, muffins. Soft to the touch, plastic. It makes me only positive emotions.

That what attracts me today in a ceramic sculpture is minimalism in form, search for perfect composition and texture. Color and texture are the complement of the desired effect.


All this fun is accompanied by feelings of human faces, grimaces, glances. They are always in relationships, rarely lonely. They talk, look at each other, they sing.. Everyone will find in them something different, feelings that accompany us every day.

      Each work is unique, created from the base. It is often a matter of chance. It never repeats. It may be similar, but never identical.



1995-2000 Academy of Fine Art in Cracow, the Sculpture Department

Graduation in  prof. Jerzy Nowakowski's workshop






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